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Be Prepared!

English Prep Program is created to support students who would like to register in one of LaSalle College Istanbul's creative programs, but feel their English Level sufficient.

When you complete this program, which starts from the beginner level, you will be entitled to transfer to the diploma or certificate programs.

Let's bring your English level up!

This program starts every October and prepares students for the diploma and certificate programs in 12 weeks. This will lead them to our winter term.

  • Direct pathway to our programs
  • Benefiting from the Canadian education system
  • Exposure to English in an atmosphere of international students and teachers
  • Studying with a unique curriculum focused on your speaking, comprehension and listening skills
  • Opportunity to follow speech-oriented lessons according to your needs, unlike typical language courses

This program is suitable for all candidates who would like to register with LaSalle College Istanbul's diploma or certificate programs but feel their English level needs improvement.

Students who would like to participate in this course must get a passing grade from the interview of the program they would like to register in.

You can fill out the information request form on this page to get details about the program or to start your registration process.