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English course | PTE001 | Part-time English

Study Part-time then speak full-time

This course is desined for those who have already had exposure to English education, but feel they need to polish their skills in order to develop their professional life.

LaSalle College Istanbul's Part-time English Courses will help you to reach your desired language level.

Now, it's time to make it happen!

This 12-week course consists of 3-hour block lessons per week.

Students are directed to the appropriate group according to the results of the English Placement Test.

New semester starts every October.

  • Direct pathway to our programs
  • Benefiting from the Canadian education system
  • Exposure to English in an atmosphere of international students and teachers
  • Studying with a unique curriculum focused on your speaking, comprehension and listening skills
  • Opportunity to follow speech-oriented lessons according to your needs, unlike typical language courses

This program is available for those who have taken English courses in the past but they still struggling to speak. Our classes are designed to activate what your previous English explosure and furnish you with the confidence to move forward.

Students are required to take the English Placement Test before admission.

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