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English private lessons have been created to support candidates who can speak English but find it difficult to express themselves.

If you prefer individual instruction, this course is ideal for you.

Plan your private lessons at LaSalle College Istanbul now!

This course is planned according to the student's level of English and the suitability of the school's academic calendar. After the student's English level is determined, the course schedule is created by calculating the lesson hours to be taken.

  • Take private education in one-on-one lessons
  • Have opportunity to follow speech-oriented lessons according to your needs, unlike classical language courses
  • Take advantage of the Canadian-based school's educational quality
  • Exposure to English in an atmosphere full of international students and teachers
  • Study with an educational curriculum focused on your speaking, comprehension, and listening skills

This program is suitable for all candidates who want to improve their English level with private lessons and need some support before registering to our diploma and certificate programs.

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