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3D Animation for Television and Cinema

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Certificate | 3D Animation for Television and Cinema


The same program offered by LaSalle College Inter-Dec.

The 3D Animation for Television and Cinema Program at LaSalle College Istanbul prepares students for employment in the post-production industry for cinema and television, as 3D Animator, 3D Artist, Character or Environment Artist, and Special Effects Specialist, to name just a few careers. Our students create special characters for movies, television, video games and many other fields in broadcasting and multimedia.

Digital language will no longer be a secret with our 3D Animation for TV & Cinema.

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The program, given in English, takes 1 year, consists of 3 terms and each term is 12 weeks. There are 11-week holidays in the Summer and 1-week holidays between the terms.

Our students who successfully complete their education are entitled to receive the 3D Animation For TV and Cinema Certificate. Graduates have the right to continue their studies in our VFX or Game Design Diploma programs.

This program starts every October.

  • Research and elaborate on creative, artistic and cinematographic concepts and design techniques to create storyboards and 3D elements meeting the conceptual requirements of the client;
  • Implement work techniques and software used in the field to produce 3D elements and animation for a project;
  • Maximize job search methods and time management, as well as the creation and distribution of self-promotion materials (portfolio, resume, etc.) to enter the job market.
  • General 3D Artist For TV and Film
  • 3D Animator
  • Modelers
  • Character Designer
  • Environment Designer
  • Composer
  • Special Effects Artist


Graduates receive an International Certificate issued by our headquarters, LaSalle College Montreal.

  • Each 4-month term of the program is comprised of cohesive courses which are designed to help students meet specific, industry-driven skills and results.
  • In our 3D Animation program, students will learn how to create special characters for movies, television, video games and many other fields in broadcasting and multimedia.
  • Practising on state-of-the-art software such as Maya, Vray, Premiere, ZBrush, Photoshop and Nuke, students will be ready to join the industry in order to tap the full potential of their skills learned during their education.
  • Many LaSalle College graduates in Canada have done practical work on large productions such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within, 300, as well as on video games such as Halo III.
  • Open 3D Animation industry doors by learning from professionals of the field!

Learn The Skills to Make It Happen!

  • Maya
  • Vray
  • Premiere
  • Photoshop
  • Nuke
  • Zbrush
  • Create functional storyboards and storylines for 3D animation
  • Master computer animation and special effects
  • Organize and manage your wild and creative ideas
  • Understand and analyze the various aspects of the animation industry

Students directly out of high school, or graduate students who are ready for a career change or to build on existing skills.

  • Detail-oriented creatives, with a desire to take their imagination to the big screen
  • Interested in design, drawing, technology
  • Eager to learn new skills related to programming and design
  • Curious and familiar with various computer programs
  • Those who value merging creative endeavours with practical applications for an exciting career
  • English Comprehension and Communication Skills

Education in 3D Animation for Television and Cinema opens doors to multiple industries, extending beyond entertainment and media to working in digital arts for branding firms, government, legal agencies, and multinational companies. This Diploma prepares students for an exciting and creative career.