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Introduction to Fashion Drawing

Short Course
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Short Course | Introduction to Fashion Drawing

Short Courses are Now Available at LaSalle College Istanbul!

In this course, students learn

  • the fashion illustration, morphology, graphic techniques, and visual presentation by hand and assisted by computer
  • how to design garments according to fashion trends and themes for ladieswear
  • how to illustrate the fashion figure in the stylized 9-headed proportions
  • how to apply light and shadow techniques as well as various fabric reproduction techniques.

Upon completion of this course, students will have learned to reproduce technical drawings using Adobe Illustrator software.

  • Experience the educational quality of LaSalle College Istanbul by taking our Fashion Design diploma courses
  • Focus on the area on the field that you are interested in
  • Be exempt the course/ courses you have taken to be able to continue in a diploma or a certificate program
  • Able to have +English courses during the study
  • Take 3-hour/week professional courses during the week
  • Instruction Method: Online & On-Campus
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Weekly Hours: 3
  • Total Hours: 36
  • Availability: January and October
  • All candidates who have desire to sample design courses before their high school graduates
  • All candidates who have graduated from the related fields and who would like to improve their skills
  • All candidates who already working in the related field and just to focus on that specific single unit
  • All candidates who would like to register with a diploma program that we offer at LaSalle College Istanbul, and try to apply to a single units program as a starter
  • All candidates who would like to improve their English skills during their study