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Founded in 1959 by Jean-Paul Morin in the LaSalle borough of Montréal, LaSalle College is a subsidised private post-secondary education institution. LaSalle College İstanbul is a private college made up of an international team of professionals dedicated to providing quality education for our students to reach their full potential. Specialising in design, the College’s vision is to put Istanbul on the map of design cities in the world. By nurturing innovation and high caliber design, our graduates continue to gain international recognition.

LaSalle College is behind the LCI Education Network. Currently located ın 5 continents, it now has 23 higher education campuses whse members train more than 17,000 students from around the world each year. Since 1959, LaSalle College has continually positioned itself at the forefront of education, training the generation that will shape tomorrow's world by enabling it to be successful while respecting human values.

When the College first opened in 1993, we recognised a need to develop the local fashion industry and saw a great opportunity to train our students to become world-class designers capable of making their mark internationally as well as stimulating the fashion industry within Turkey. 



LaSalle College has 6 specialty schools with programs based on creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, and openness to the world at the heart of its educational plan.


All program curricula offered at LaSalle College Istanbul are developed by LCI Education in Montreal according to Canadian educational standards. Our dedicated team of teachers and professionals in Turkey collaborate closely with Canadian headquarters to meet the highest educational requirements. Pedagogical relevance, coherence, and adequacy of each program curriculum are three factors that are formally evaluated within all LCI Education subsidiaries. From state-of-the-art education facilities to qualified instructors, LaSalle College Istanbul boasts an international reputation for providing high-quality education.



LaSalle College has signed a cooperation agreement to advance Higher Education in Turkey with Beykoz University. The two educational institutions will jointly offer long-term certificate programs. Students will receive a dual completion of an internationally recognised diploma of LaSalle College | Montreal, Canada; and a certificate from Beykoz University.


From emperors to sultans, dynasties and empires, Istanbul has historically been an economic hub for land and sea trade. Surrounded by the Golden Horn estuary, the Bosporus strait, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, commuter ferries are the backbone of daily transport.

LaSalle College Istanbul is strategically located in the center of Istanbul at walking distance from museums, restaurants and shopping centers. Students can enjoy Istanbul’s mix of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, showcasing the city’s charm. Its cultural diversity can also be seen by looking at its attractive skyline of imperial mosques, historic churches and synagogues.

Needless to say, Istanbul is a goldmine for culture and fine arts. In fact, the European Union named the city the European Capital of Culture for the year 2010. With a population of over twelve million, Istanbul is the only bi-continental city in the world being part of both Asia and Europe and LaSalle College Istanbul is proud to have a student body that reflects this plurality of cultures.