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Future students



We open the new terms every October and January. Please contact us to learn about the exact date.

All curriculums at LaSalle College campuses have been prepared in Montreal according to Canadian educational standards. Students study in Turkey with the Canadian curriculums, which is ranked number 2 on educational quality standards. Each graduate would be ready to work as a professional in the industry.

All diploma programs are the 3-year. As an advantage, all LaSalle College Istanbul students study in 2 years instead of 3 by attending spring terms. Every term is 12 weeks and there are 1-week holidays between each term. During summer, there is a 11-week holiday.

All certificate programs take 1 year and consist of 3 terms.

LaSalle College İstanbul's program curriculums are based on the programs developed by LCI Education, according to Canadian educational standards. Graduates of the programs are awarded a Diploma in the relevant field that is issued from Canada and recognized internationally. Students also receive a certificate from Beykoz University after their graduation.

Our education language is in English. All students need to have minimum B2 level of English.

You may continue your education in any other LaSalle campuses. You may also transfer to LaSalle College Vancouver, Barcelona, or Melbourne campuses to pursue a BA degree. Please feel free to contact us to have further information about our 'Mobility' and 'BA Pathways' advantages.


  1. To be a minimum of 18 years of age
  2. To have at least graduated from high school
  3. To speak English adequately to follow the lessons
  4. To be qualified on interview

Domestic and international students follow the same route during the registration. All qualified students who also met admission requirements may register with our school.


The new terms start every October and January. You must complete your registration at least 2 weeks before the term starts.